Eat More Chilies


We are collecting an increasingly-growing pile of tasty chile pepper dishes of all kinds. The one key factor is that every recipe MUST include peppers. Click on a chili recipe to the right to view it. The recipe list is new and we're adding new chile recipes all the time. Many of the recipes will come from you, but how?


We love chiles. And so must you, or you wouldn't be visiting this site! We will be

chile recipes cookbook from eat more chiles dot com creating a hot and spicy cook book exclusively with recipes that use chili peppers. The photo cook book will be available for purchase later this year at a hot price right here on our e-commerce site and If you would like your chili recipe to be considered for inclusion in this recipe book, just follow the simple steps below. Each month, we will randomly draw from all submitted recipes and the winner will receive our fine art chile pepper poster for free! Yes, a FREE poster! When enough recipes are collected from our readers, you'll be contacted and we will publish the book with your recipe and name in it. Your recipe may also make our website's Top Recipes List at right. So keep them coming!

Contest Rules:

  1. Copy and Paste your own special chile pepper recipe into an email. Why not give it a unique title!
  2.  Please add any personal or family comments about your recipe. (see recipes at right for ideas).
  3. Email the chili recipe and comments to us along with your contact information. (none of which will be shared, we promise. See our Legal Notice page for details). Your name and email address is all we need.

That's it! If your recipe is selected, we will mail you our hot and spicy Chile Pepper Poster at no charge and contact you for permission to use your recipe and name in our forthcoming chili cookbook. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


Other Chile Recipe Sites We Believe Are Worthy:

When we find a web site which offers some exceptional chile recipes, we want to share it with you. Let us know if you have a favorite site.

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